As we push through for our fall release, and finish up submission and content for the summer festival season, we have another update to share that affects our demo! Remember you can play our demo from steam or

Pax Rising 2 release

  • Capped FPS at 90 to avoid a runaway GPU bug on some systems
  • Hit Detection. Fixed hitboxes based on feedback from the community
    • Generally reduced and moved Aggys primary hit box
    • Corrected hit box size of ‘tail strike zone’ in Sleep Paralysis demon fight
    • Adjusted trap hit boxes
  • Added dialog to Sleep Paralysis Demons room if you try to use quest items too early
  • Some objects are now only revealed when a light exposes it
  • Added hint lines to east door of trap room 1-7a. Increased respawn time of mobs in this room as well
  • Improved the ‘hint lines’ for object relationships
  • New Loading system
    • Changed the system for loading and reloading rooms. Rooms you’ve been to are now cached, so it should be faster overall now. Cache is cleared on level change
    • Added a loading an animated ‘pulse’ icon while things load
    • Added a counter for objects being loaded
  • Increased run speed of bump in the dark enemy
  • Changed light in rooms 1-8
  • Adjusted light occluder on Creeper
  • Health Bar Changes.
    • Changed ‘Stress’ to ‘Resolve’ It is otherwise identical
    • Changed the color of Resolve from Blue to Red to match player expectations
    • Changed the color of Stamina from Red to Yellow to match player expectations
    • Changed HUD life bar elements, to better support growth upgrades
    • Added Stamina and Resolve upgrades to the first dungeon and some quests
  • Path finding
    • Replaced pathing system with a new system to support dynamic obstacles
    • Dynamic obstacles now exist. If Aggy is already moving, she will try to go around them automatically, but it will be much faster if you readjust her yourself
  • Fixed some broken animations
  • Added door opening animations
  • Added new ‘vignette’ effect during combat
  • Fixed many small graphical glitches in intro area

As always thanks for your support! Hopefully there won’t be too many other major updates that affect the demo level. Also be aware we will be putting up a completely new demo in August for Steams Visual Novel fest, to show off our social systems properly. The classic dungeon demo will NOT be available during that time! So if you want to try all of level 1, do so before August!

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