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We’re nearly done with level 2 in its entirety and are already hard at work on level 3. That means new features for the demo too! In addition we have a fresh new trailer that is a step up from our last one, enjoy it at

As always, the demo is available on steam, try it and wishlist us if you haven’t!

Almost 1 year of development release! Yay!

  • Dropping items can now slow or stun the Creeper if timed properly. Try the laundry!
  • Dropping items can now stun, slow, or damage regular enemies that are chasing you if timed properly. Try it on the bumps in the night!
  • Fixed bug where the boss of the demo couldn’t hurt the player
  • Nerfed strength requirement for the lever in in room 1-16 from 22 -> 14
  • Reworked Pressure plate system
    • Added an always on display showing you the weight needed to activate plate
    • Items dropped on the plate move towards it slightly to indicate proper placement
    • Adjusted hit box and sprite alignment to better match
    • Adjusted animation and SFX for better player feedback
    • By popular request Creeper can now activate pressure plates if itcan be lured close enough
    • Added a new pressure plate in a safe area, so you can test and play with it safely
  • Fixed font ‘fuzzinesss’ in full screen mode
  • Creeper can now push some objects around
  • Added new room to demo level to even out pacing pre-mini boss
  • Reverted change that inadvertently increased Creeper hit box
  • Changed World map image
  • Added mouse cursor changes on context
  • Toned down the ‘black’ darkness in nightmare 1
  • Added highlight on continue game hover
  • Dialogic dialog plugin has improved! Thanks @theBardsRc for all your hard work!
  • Reworked ‘lights’ in all rooms

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